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Harnessing the fruits of the AI revolution

2019-12-30T10:33:55+04:00December 30th, 2019|Technology|

By Sameer Sharma Back in November 2018, the Mauritius Working Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) published its Mauritius Artificial Strategy which essentially gave a broad and high level overview of the potential benefits of AI in enhancing productivity, growth and the quality of life of all Mauritians. From improving the efficiency of ports to harnessing [...]

Le modèle économique mauricien : En pleine mutation

2019-12-30T10:38:36+04:00December 10th, 2019|Economy|

Par Pierre Dinan Nous voici à l’orée des années vingt, soit au début de la troisième décennie  du vingt et unième siècle. Sans nous en rendre vraiment compte, parce que littéralement submergés par les évènements d’actualité, nous voici aussi abordant la deuxième année du deuxième cinquantenaire de notre pays indépendant et souverain, lequel sera célébré [...]

Mauritius is wrestling with a shattered system

2019-11-26T11:41:36+04:00November 26th, 2019|Economy|

By Samad Ramoly  A decade or so ago, some of the richest Germans publicly pledged to contribute to a fairer share of taxes. In 2011, American billionaire Warren Buffet even warned us: “Stop coddling the rich (https://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/15/opinion/stop-coddling-the-super-rich.html)”. As, in effect, tax credits, creative accounting and tax havens allow him to pay less tax rate than [...]

Afrique : les défis du libre échange

2019-11-25T10:34:31+04:00November 22nd, 2019|Commerce|

Par Emmanuel Martin Le coup d’envoi de la zone de libre-échange continentale africaine (Continental Free Trade Area) a été donné le 30 mai 2019. L’accord signé par 52 pays sur 55 et ratifié par 22 d’entre eux vise à supprimer à terme les protections tarifaires et non tarifaires dans la zone. C’est une bonne nouvelle [...]

The end of central banks?

2019-11-22T17:49:13+04:00November 22nd, 2019|Finance|

By Henri Lepage Libertarians are rightly cheering to the rise of crypto-currencies. For the first time ever, initially with Bitcoin and now with Libra, central banks national monopolies are facing the prospect of a real market competitive challenge. That being said, the idea of central banks having to face private rivalry is not as far [...]

The pitfalls of demand-side policies

2019-11-22T15:43:18+04:00November 22nd, 2019|Economy|

By Sameer Sharma Economists are often criticised for being overly prescriptive when it comes to economic policy making. Economics is indeed more complicated than most economists think. Relationships between variables are non linear, and expectations and sentiment have their own difficulty to measure dynamics at play. In the case of a highly politicised Mauritian landscape, [...]

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