Business Intelligence

  • Corporate Economic and Financial Adviser
  • Levelling diagnosis
  • Market Research and Needs analysis
  • Market Monitoring
  • Recruitment of Quality People
  • In-house Training (MQA-approved)
Analyzing business graph
Young adults coworkers having business meeting

Business Visibility

Operational Marketing :

  • Consultancy in Event Management and Strategy
  • Conception of seminars, forums and campaigns
  • Content definition (theme, speakers, venue, atmosphere)

Creation, drafting and realisation of communication tools :

  • Investment Brochure, Annual Report, Newsletter
  • Publi-Reporting, Adverts
  • Translation French to English or English to French

Public Relations :

  • Better understanding of business problems by the media
  • Editing, Press Dossiers
  • Moderator and facilitator of forums and conferences

Business Support

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning, Advice and Guidance
  • Business Development relations based on trust
  • Preparation and follow-up of dossiers (feasibility study, business plan), assistance in obtainment of permits and licences, negotiation with bankers
Modern business people
Talking about business

Business Environment

  • Economic or Business Survey
  • Industry or Consumption Survey
  • Studies of the impact of government policies on business
  • Economic Research and Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

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