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It is high time for unconventional monetary policy

2020-02-28T18:32:57+04:00February 28th, 2020|Finance|

By Sameer Sharma Conventional monetary policy is about the central bank having a policy rate which sets an interest rate floor for the interest rate structure of the economy. All other interest rates are derived from this floor with the addition, of course, of various risk premias such as term premia, inflation risk premia, [...]

La productivité dans les PME

2020-02-25T10:49:45+04:00February 25th, 2020|Economy|

Par Eric Ng Ping Cheun Particulièrement affectées par le salaire minimum national, les petites et moyennes entreprises (PME) doivent trouver à tout prix des moyens d’augmenter leur productivité. Le salaire minimum a divers mérites dans diverses industries. Au sein d’une industrie, la situation financière est différente entre une grande entreprise et une petite société, [...]

Construction: a key driver of economic growth?

2019-12-26T13:26:45+04:00December 26th, 2019|Economy|

By Eric Ng Ping Cheun  Contrary to tourism, manufacturing and financial services, construction is a non-tradable sector, which includes housing construction, construction of business structure and infrastructure-related construction. There is a relationship between stages of economic growth and demand for construction. Construction demand is low in less developed economies. During their expansion phase, the growth [...]

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